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Supplier of office supplies for all your needs.

Viking Direct

Specialises in home office furniture, technology and design.

Flujo - better home working

Suppliers of useful storage solutions for your home.


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What would it feel like to be living your dreams?

We are all rushing around trying, looking, searching, struggling to find that elusive something in our lives. During which your environment could be slipping out of control and not letting you achieve all you can.

For your Office

If you are:


But you want:

Help with Office Organisation


Help with Office Organisation

A recent survey of home workers revealed that " . . . 80% found planning and having goals as the main way to achieve the most out of their day. This was closely followed by having their office set up correctly, efficiently and free from clutter . . . "

Taken from Purely Peppermint's home working survey 2009

For your Home

If you are:

  • Struggling to conquer your clutter
  • Holding onto clutter you don’t like
  • Needing to reclaim your space

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Help with Home Styling


Help with Home Styling

" . . . My home was being taken over by clutter, chaos and mess. It was affecting my career, because I struggled to get out of the door in the morning due to searching for what I needed.
My relationships also suffered because I was so stressed and frustrated with the clutter.
Getting my space organised and sorted had made a 300% improvement on how I feel and how I see my future . . . "

As quoted by a recent Purely Peppermint client

For your Property

If you are:

  • Troubled that your house isn’t looking top notch
  • Worried your house won’t sell
  • Want a quick sale

But you want:

Help with Property Styling


Help with Property Styling

The benefits of a professionally presented house is one of the wisest investments you will ever make. It drastically improves the saleability of your property to achieve the highest possible price or a quick sale.

Purely Peppermint has a wealth of training, experience and knowledge which will bring about the most amazing results.

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