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Organise your home officeOrganise your home office

  • I can find paperwork instantly
  • Working from home is a great success
  • Finding clients' contact details is simple
  • My 2 minute commute is amazing
  • I am far more productive in my organised office

How successful would your company or business be if this was what you were saying?

" . . . 90% of home workers questioned found that having their space organised allowed them to be more productive . . . "

Taken from Purely Peppermint's home working survey 2013

Working from home is so much more than simply setting your computer on the dining room table and starting to work.

Learn how best to set up your office and how to time and self manageYou need to consider:

The list goes on and on

The reality of working from home can be a complete disaster if you haven't considered or dealt with these issues and this is where Purely Peppermint can help. You will learn how to create an environment that will generate success, how best to set up your office and how to time and self manage. You will also learn a few secrets about increasing productivity, efficient filing systems and great ideas on setting boundaries like the 'traffic light system' and the 'family business meetings'.





Tell yourself . . .

  • It is vital to your career and business to set effective boundaries and goals.
  • It is vital to your organisation to properly train your staff who work from home.
  • It is vital to your organisation to have their office set up correctly.
  • It is vital to your business to have an effective filing system.

The benefits of organising your home office are:

  • Less stress
  • Increased productivity
  • A healthy work and life balance
  • Business growth
  • Able to find your passport in a blink of an eye

The benefits to an organisation, when their staff who work from home are trained, organised and inspired.

  • Reduced overheads
  • Reduced staff absentees
  • Increased loyalty
  • Increased productivity
  • Boosts staff motivation
  • Boosts profits

Purely Peppermint specialises in people that work from home and who want to be as successful as possible. We can either work specifically with one client in their office or are able to lead a training session to a group of employees.

Have a look at our Working from Home Success Secrets and learn something new.

Does this ring any bells?

"An important client calls needing to talk about the quote you gave them a few days earlier and you can't remember where you put the paperwork. You try to stall the client while frantically looking for the information."

What do you think the client on the other end of the phone is thinking? Do you sound like someone who they want to do business with? Even if you don't have a business and your home computer is used for keeping your personal information - having the space organised and a good filing system is vital.

Every aspect of your office will be reviewed to see whether it is serving you well, or whether it is restricting you from doing want.

If you are finding that you spend too much time at work and an unorganised office is just one of the reasons, then have a look at work/life balance to see if it can be of any assistance to you or Contact us if you have any questions about how to organise your office.